In news no one is surprised by, law school and grad school apps are at all-time highs

simpsons blue haired lawyer

Want to hate your life as a morally questionable, unrespected, but very well-paid suit-wearing alcoholic? Get in line!

To all overachievers:

Invest in some coffee beans from Costco. Use your savings on a private essay coach. Hell, rescue a kid from Darfur if you’ve got the connections. That damn recession is going to mess with your perfect application. Apparently, you’re not the only unemployed brainiac who thinks going back to school in an economic downturn is a good idea.

The NYT reports that the number of people taking the LSAT in 2009 rose 20%, reaching an all-time high of 60,746, while the number of people taking the  GREs rose 13 percent to a record 670,000 compared with 2008 . And tons of schools are reporting a major increase in applicants. Continue reading

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